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26 Jan 2023

New article at has published a review of our latest show at Quantic here. Thank you, guys.

18 Jan 2020

Psychosounds Metal Ladies Night

DinUmbra will play at Psychosounds Metal Ladies Night VI on 7th of March! Event's page here.

22 Dec 2019

Crystal Thoughts live at AmpsOnAir

DinUmbra has participated at AmpsOnAir live sessions, a project with more than 100 bands from 15 different countries, which yesterday celebrated 7 years of activity. Happy birthday and thank you for launching Crystal Thoughts (live version).

03 Nov 2019

Istoria Rockului cu Lenti Chiriac

Ioan and Sebastian will be at Istoria Rockului with Lenti Chiriac, tonight starting at 21:00, at Bucuresti FM radio post. Event's page here

06 Oct 2019

20 years anniversary concert

18 songs will be performed by over 10 musicians, who have evolved under the name DinUmbra or are still active members, during our anniversary concert. Event's page

01 Aug 2019

Rockstadt Extreme Fest

Meet you today at 17:05, at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 (Rasnov), at Adrian Rugina Stage. video

03 Jun 2019

Encore Metal Fest Review

Metalforce webzine published a review of Encore Metal Festival 2019, signed by Eduard Farcas. Thank you for the beautiful words! You can find the review's content here.

24 Apr 2019

Finality album drum recordings

Drum Recordings for "Finality" album are finished! This will be the 5th material in our career.

27 Mar 2019

Encore Metal Fest

This is our next journey: 19th of May 2019 in Quantic Club at Encore Festival. Be there and help us performing a show we all never forget!

21 Jan 2019

Ioan Preda new vocalist

Ioan Preda is the new vocalist of DinUmbra. After the collaboration with the former vocalist, Liviu Ustinescu, ended after almost 7 years of activity, DinUmbra decided to co-opt Ioan Preda as "front-man". With Liviu Ustinescu, DinUmbra released the album "Soul Of A Galaxy" in October 2015 and "Cathar" video in February 2016. Ioan Preda is currently member of DinUmbra and also of Psychogod. In the past, he has also played with Concurrency in Knowledge. DinUmbra welcomes Ioan Preda and hopes for a collaboration with great results on the stage and also in the studio.

19 Oct 2018

[updated]Vocalist wanted!

DinUmbra is looking for a new vocalist. Requirements:
- "growl" voice for death-metal parts and also "clean" voice for doom / gothic ones;
- availability for rehearsals with the band at least once a week;
- availability for concerts in Bucharest and (occasionally) in other cities. Interested singers can send a brief description of their experience and, preferably, a demo recording, to trupadinumbra at gmail dot com.

19 Oct 2018

In Fabrica every year!

We're very proud to announce our next show at Winter Night IV in Fabrica Club on 12th of January with W3 4r3 Num83r5 and Etheric. It will be also the last concert for Liviu Ustinescu with us, so just be there!

05 May 2018

Today in Fabrica

Today we're playing in Fabrica club with Machiavellian God, Further Vortex, Váthos. Please visit event's page for more details.

17 Feb 2018

Vlad Golgotiu is our new drummer

Vlad has well integrated in our team and his killing rhythms brought more power to our songs!

24 Oct 2017

Monica Barta is our new bassist

We are very proud to officially welcome our new bass player Monica Barta! She has been playing with us for almost two months and she has integrated well in our team. She is also playing with Kratos as vocalist and bassist. At DinUmbra, we have already started to work together on new songs and we are delighted by the new sound and ideas she brought.

11 Jul 2017

[updated] DRUMMER and BASSIST wanted!

[updated] DinUmbra is looking for a drummer and a bassist. We are looking for experienced and creative musicians to become our new band colleagues. Interested people will have the opportunity to play alongside talented musicians, live and by participating in the development of future studio materials. Requirements: -experience for minimum 2 years in live concerts and recordings; - availability for band rehearsals; - availability for concerts in Bucharest and (occasionally) in other cities. Interested people can send a short personal description, accompanied by a demo, preferably, to trupadinumbra at gmail dot com or directly to our Band DinUmbra Facebook account.

02 Jun 2017

[updated] Drummer wanted!

We are looking for an experienced drummer to become our new band mate. The person we are looking for will have the opportunity to play alongside talented musicians, with whom he will play live, and will participate at composing and recording of the new studio materials, adding his own interpretation.
-experience for minimum 2 years in live concerts and recordings;
- availability for band rehearsals;
- availability for concerts in Bucharest and (occasionally) in other cities.
Interested people can send a short personal description, accompanied by a demo, to trupadinumbra at gmail dot com.

08 Jan 2017

Concert in Fabrica club

Saturday, 14th of January, we will play in Fabrica club with Tothem, Recursive Delusion and Etheric. Please visit event's page for more details.

14 Aug 2016


On 12th of September we'll have the great honor to share the stage with NOVEMBRE, ISOLE and SHORES OF NULL in Quantic club. Let's Rock website news page

22 May 2016

Photo projections

Thursday, May 26, during the launching concert of the album "Soul Of A Galaxy" in Fabrica Club, DinUmbra will use photo projections and lighting effects. Photos to be used are made by the following photographers:

Alex Csiki:
Andrei Alexandru:
Bogdan Eftimie:
Miluta Fluieras:
Also, besides the invited bands Sincarnate and Eternal Fire, Mihai Ilie, vocalist of the bands Abigail and Tiarra, respectively Alexandru Budan, former lead singer of the band DinUmbra, with whom the band recorded the EP Santandrei ( 2013), will also join the stage.

Event Schedule:

8:00 p.m. - Open doors
9:00 p.m. - Eternal Fire
9:50 p.m. - Sincarnate
10:45 p.m. - DinUmbra

Fabrica Club - 11 Iunie no.50, Bucharest.


The Facebook page of the event:

30 Apr 2016


Thursday, May 26, 2016, DinUmbra Events and Fabrica Club invites you to the launching concert of the album "Soul Of A Galaxy" having Sincarnate and Eternal Fire as special guests. For more details, visit the event's page.

04 Mar 2016

Soul Of A Galaxy on CD

We're proud to announce that our latest album, "Soul Of A Galaxy", is now available also on CD and is distributed by Bestial Records through the following websites:Let's Rock and Bestial Records.

11 Feb 2016


DinUmbră launches the video clip for “Cathar”, a song about purification through suffering. The song title, referring to the beliefs of Languedoque (France) people during the Middle Ages, is a metaphor expressing the acceptance of an uncertain future and the embrace of transcending into eternity with dignity and courage, while having the feeling of ( re-) integration of the Self into the universe from which it was born. "Cathar" is the band's first video-clip starring an actor (Paul Cimpoieru). The video is produced by Andrei Alexandru and Art Photo Studio.
Watch Cathar on your desktop:Youtube
or on your mobile/tablet: Vimeo!

06 Feb 2016

Album launching delayed

As we cannot participate anymore at our launch concert on 2nd of March 2016, we will continue to support the event with invited bands under the label DinUmbra Events. Details here.

16 Jun 2015

Crystal Thoughts

A second song from "Soul Of A Galaxy" has come to light: Crystal Thoughts.

23 May 2015


Revealing a first song from our next album "Soul Of A Galaxy": Cathar (download free)!

20 Feb 2015

Underground Metal Resistance IV

DinUmbra will perform on 7th of March at the Underground Metal Resistance IV, in Question Mark, along with Akral Necrosis and Spinecrusher.

05 May 2014

DinUmbra in WOA Metal Battle 2014 final!

We're happy to announce that DinUmbră has qualified to the Romanian Wacken Open Air Metal Battle final, taking place on 3th of July in Sibiu. We would like to thank our host, Private Hell Club for a warm welcome, our fans and the guys from Crimena for helping us perform our gig on 25th of April!

19 Mar 2014

DinUmbra live at 1 Mai Rock Sibiu 2014

On May 2, 2014, DinUmbră will play live at the festival 1 Mai Rock Sibiu, sharing the stage with Handful of Hate (IT) and other bands from the local underground.
Event's page